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 " I decree for everyone that supports this assignment....You will begin to experience ucanny favor.....God Bless You! "

Dr. Carol Sherman

Africa Mission


God has opened effective doors of ministry for C.D.C. Ministry and Apostolic Team, to travel  to Namibia, Africa. We are getting so excited about our assignment. We know that 2014 is the year that God is shifting, positioning, aligning and redesigning our lives in Him. We are able to go and share the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the Masses with your help and support partnering with us. 


Our mission is to: 1. Advance the Power of the Kingdom of God, 2. Establish Ministry and Prophetic Schools, 3. Support several orphanages with clothes, shoes, and coats. With your financial support and commitment we will be able to make this the 1st of many mission doors a success. Thank you for your help together we can complete this commission from God.


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