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 Sherman Family Network  

   Drs. Duane and Carol Show on Roku

To view more videos of The DRS. DUANE AND CAROL SHOW and other   go to or how to own your own channel on Roku

Media Spots and Store Space Available

  •  1.  TV Spots on Roku  

  • 2.  TV Spots on Website 

  • 3.  Commercials for Roku or Website

  • 4.  Product Space Available in Stores.    

  • For further information Email us at:

Global Radio Intercessory and          Prophetic Praise Line                                                                                                                 Monday-Thursday                                         8:30 pm CST to 10 pm CST                                     Call 1-347-539-5669  


      Where there are over 100,000 listners                   GloballyThe Radio will be link into

             the our regular Praise Line. 

Mobile App.For Sherman Family Network   For Your Phone


1. Go to Goggle Play Store  

2. Search for KratosGroup.TV

3. Push Install

4. Go to Channel Guide

5. Scroll down and look for Sherman Family Network.

Now you can never miss a show on Sherman Family Network 


1. Drs. Duane and Carol Show 

Host: Drs. Duane and Carol Sherman

2. Prophetic Dwelling Place                                            Host: Carol Sherman Ph.D. Th.D, Min.D

3. Appetizers with the Apostle

Host: Duane Sherman Ph.D

Prophetic Dwelling Place

Sherman Family Network Shows

Appetizers With the Apostle

     Drs. Duane and Carol Show

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